What you have in common with Prince Louis

Whatever your views on the royal family, the arrival of Prince Louis is big news.

Like George and Charlotte, Prince Louis will have no ordinary upbringing. Even as a kid, he’ll be expected to behave as a royal kid.

A Royal Birth

It reminds me of the Christian life.

We’re ‘born again’ into the King’s family (John 3:3). And with our royal status comes an expectation of living lives in line with our new identity (Ephesians 4:1).

This is something we have to learn over time. Prince George had to learn that it wasn’t okay for a royal child to reject a handshake from the Canadian Prime Minister.

Even by adulthood, Prince Harry had to ‘repent’ of booze-related mischief that would be judged normal behaviour across many university campuses.

But of course, the Prince’s royal identity was never at risk. As a prince, he had to learn to be a prince.

Being a royal simply means becoming a royal. And this takes time.

Becoming Ourselves

King George V used say to his son Edward, the future King, "My dear boy, you must always remember who you are." And our heavenly father says the same to us.

We’re children of the King.

We don’t try to be more like Jesus in order to enter his family, but because God has graciously made us family members.

Like all analogies, however, this one falls down.

Both Prince William and Harry have described the tension of being who they had to be, and who they wanted to be. They hated having to be someone they’re not.

But as Christians, we don’t face this tension.

Becoming like Jesus is now becoming more true to ourselves – children of the King and ‘co-heirs’ of Christ’s eternal kingdom (Romans 8:17).