When work is boring

Many of us spend more time at work than anywhere else.

For some, work may be something we enjoy. It can challenge us and we flourish. For others, work may be hard, repetitive and boring.

God gives us freedom to move jobs. But before we make that decision, he also gives us an exciting purpose in our boring job which may make us reconsider.

For Him

His purpose in our boring work is clear enough.

 For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen. (Romans 11:36)

All things are for him. All things exist for his glory. Could there be a greater purpose in our repetitive and boring work?

The coffee you drink in your break, the conversations you have with colleagues, the way you stick to deadlines, the way you show interest in everyone in the office and value others’ work –

It’s all for him. It can all glorify him.

God cares deeply about your work because it either achieves this purpose or it doesn’t. When we only care about how rewarding it is to us, work’s purpose has become ourselves. 

But our work exists, not for us, but for him (Psalm 115:1).

For us

But this doesn’t mean that our work has no effect on us. When we make his glory our aim, God uses our boring work for us – to shape us. 

God has never chosen the impressive things to get his work done.

He appeared on earth as a baby. He became a carpenter. He lived in Galilee. He died before his time. Mundane, boring, repetitive, tragic is what Jesus’ life could be described as.

And if this is how God changed the world, we can bet that this is how he will change you.