Where could you go?

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The pub was fairly empty. It was a only a Watford game.

I walked over to my favourite booth, and was surprised to see a friend sat there having a drink. As the game started he looked excited.

“It’s my favourite team, Watford!" he smiled.  

A challenge for me

We were living in Devon. I hadn’t met another Watford fan in three years. And here was someone I never knew was a Hornet. I didn’t even know he liked football.

As we sat and watched the game it became clear he was a bit rusty on the players, the team’s history and even the offside rule.

Over the next few weeks he came along to our five-a-side group where he was also a bit rusty, though he got better each week.

He hadn’t got into football because he wanted a new hobby. He’d done it to meet other people who love it, to enter their world and get alongside them – and to share Jesus. 

And this challenged me.

A challenge for you

My friend was being a little like Jesus, who entered our world and met us where we’re at.

He says, ‘I came from the Father and entered the world.’ (John 16:28) He worked as a carpenter, advised fishermen and ate with society’s worst.

I’d happily sit and watch football with someone. But perhaps there are other things I could get into or places I could go to meet people and share Jesus with them?

I know someone who went to organ recitals with an older man. People who’ve chosen to live somewhere less desirable, or stayed in jobs to be among particular colleagues. What could you do to come alongside the people around you?

Jesus entered our world to offer us salvation. We’ll need to enter the worlds of other people to offer them Jesus. Where can you go?