Where the King goes, we go

“So little time, so much to do."

As well as the theme tune to a US sitcom, this could be the proverb for modern life. Christian lives included.

Family. Friends. Work. Travel. Fitness. Housework. Church. Quiet times. The daily demands on our time can feel endless.

What do you prioritise?

When to-do lists are long and time is short, what do you prioritise? Putting God’s kingdom – his church – towards the top of the priority list doesn’t always spring to mind.

But this is what Jesus calls his followers to do – to make people into disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). This is our priority task. But who are our priority people?

The amount of people who need reaching - whose needs need meeting - that dwarfs even my to-do list.

So where should we go?

Where the King goes

In his little book, Side by Side, Ed Welch says that, when it comes to knowing who to prioritise, we should follow our King.

In his time on earth, Jesus relentlessly reached out to the marginalised and the outcast. He moved beyond his circle of friends to reach his enemies.

And where the King goes, so do his people.

Following the King

Instead of making a bee-line for people we know, we move towards those we don’t. Instead of talking first to people who make us feel comfortable, we talk to those who don’t. Instead of only investing our time in those we like, we invest it in those we naturally don’t.

That is, we treat others how God has treated us.

We were once the foreigner to him. We were once uncomfortable to him. We were once displeasing to him. But by amazing grace, he stepped down from his throne and into this world.

And he did it to invite you into his kingdom.

So, who are you going to start moving towards? Talking to? Investing time in?

Sure, it won’t be easy. It wasn't for Jesus. It won’t be for you or me. But in moving towards us, he has given us the strength to move towards others.

Where the King goes, we go.