Who invited you to the royal wedding?

Did you watch the royal wedding?

BBC coverage started early, following the arrival of high-profile celebrities in their glad rags. But there were some surprises.

For example, James Blunt received some Twitter trolling. “Who invited you to the royal wedding?”

A harsh question, but one which illustrates the much-talked about sermon from Bishop Michael Curry.

God’s Love

Everyone invited to share in Harry and Meghan’s love knew them - including James Blunt.

The bishop’s main point was that God himself is the source of their love but we can only share in God’s love if we know him.

Not knowing God isn’t the same as you or I not knowing Harry and Meghan. If we don’t know him, the Bible says that’s because we have wilfully rejected the opportunity to share in his love (Romans 3:10-12).

We turned down the invite, if you like.

A New Invite

But the bishop also spoke about a new invite to share in the greatest, royal love. The bishop said,

“Jesus died to save us all. He didn’t die for anything he could get out of it.”

Jesus didn’t die as a criminal but as a King. This wasn’t just a symbol of love. It was the ultimate act of love.

The King laid down his life for his people, his bride – a bride who, like Megan Markle, wasn’t of royal birth and who wouldn’t have received an invite for a royal wedding.

This King died for insignificant people like you and me - so that we’d be invited, as his bride, to the wedding that God has promised when he winds up history (Revelation 19:6).

As the spiritually poor, lame and crippled (Luke 14:21), people will probably ask us “who invited you to the wedding?” But our answer is a strong one.  

Jesus Christ, our loving King (Luke 14:17).