Why did Jesus turn water into wine?

You’ve probably heard the story. Jesus is at a wedding and the wine runs out.

So he gets the butler to fill six jars with water – huge jars that God’s Old Testament people would use to spiritually cleanse themselves (John 2:6).

They’re brought to the banquet master, and it’s the best wine he’s tasted.

Without even saying a word, Jesus had turned seven-hundred litres of water into wine. The Son of God certainly knew how to enjoy a good party.

Magic or more?

John calls this a ‘sign’ which ‘revealed Jesus’ glory’ (John 2:11). But a sign pointing to what?

We often treat this miracle as if Jesus had just done an impressive magic trick. “Wow, that’s amazing,” we say. “Jesus must have been God.”

For sure, only God could turn water into something completely different.

But there’s more to it than that.

A Better Kingdom

Jesus was introducing his kingdom.

Worshippers once had to use those jars to go through repetitive washing ceremonies to cleanse them of sin. But Jesus had come to establish a better kingdom.

He came to cleanse us once for all by his blood – to bring us joy that means we no longer need huge jars to hold cleansing water.

Repetition has given way to rest. A procedure has turned into a party. Water has become, not squash, but wine.

And there’s more.

An Abundant Kingdom

Jesus didn’t make enough for everyone to have a glass or two. He made seven-hundred litres.

This ‘sign’ was pointing to God’s overflowing grace. Grace that covers every sin of every life of every person who’d taste Jesus’ wine (1 John 1:9).

The miracle revealed Jesus’ glory because it showed the sheer extravagance of him cleaning us by his blood, before giving us abundant and eternal joy which can never run out (Matthew 13:44).

Fancy a glass?