Why even the Rock is not really the Rock

I’ll admit it. I still think The Rock is ‘The Great One.’ My eleven-year old hero worship lingers on.

He was the WWE ‘People's Champion.’ He was the one who’d finish off the likes of Triple H after his signature ‘People's Elbow’ - the most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment.

Now, he's Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson - the world’s highest paid film star. And he gives cool its name.

In San Andreas, after an earthquake destroys California, a shell-shocked family look at the wreckage and ask, ‘what next?’

The Rock responds coolly, ‘we rebuild.’

And you believe him. The Rock can do anything. He's on top of the world with the money and muscle to prove it.

The Broken Rock

Yet even ‘The Great One’ is fighting something all-too-common. Johnson has recently opened up about his ongoing battle with depression.

In people like Dwayne Johnson we see the hope of having it all. But Johnson’s battle reveals that his ‘all’ isn’t enough to mend our broken and burdened lives.

And if The Rock can admit his own brokenness, so can we.

The Rock of Ages

Coming to Christ means doing something similar. It means admitting we’re tired. Battling. Burdened. Sinful. Broken.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

When we come to Christ in weakness, he gives us rest.

The Rock is a pretend image of someone we think we should or could be – a strong person, unshaken by any circumstance.

But Dwayne Johnson isn’t really The Rock. He’s not even a rock.

Like the rest of us, he’s a broken person in need of The Rock of Ages - Jesus, who is the only firm foundation.