Why is sin so serious?


How seriously you take sin shows how great you think God is.

God is an all-powerful creator who made the universe out of nothing with a word from his lips (Genesis 1:3).

He is the King who sets up and brings down the kings, queens and rulers of all the nations (Daniel 2:21).

He is the God who knows and sees the thoughts, words and actions of every person before they happen (Psalm 139:2-4).

He is eternal.

Sin’s Slap

So our idea of sin being a little naughtiness completely misses the mark.

Sin reads the words above about God and thinks nothing of them. Sin sees God’s crown of glory and takes it for its own.

Sin ignores this God who gives us life and breath. It makes its own judgment calls, lives without God, mines the creation God has made for gold and spends it on itself.

Sin looks at the eternal God and slaps him in the face (John 18:22). Sin breaks every law in the book.

And the Bible says, we’re all sinners (Romans 3:10-12).

Sin’s Solution

Some people can’t understand how God could punish sin. We understand that the thief needs to be punished. The murderer should do life.

But breaking the commands of the eternal God? Can’t he just let it go?

What should shock us isn’t that God would punish sin, but that he would provide a way for us to be back in relationship with him.

The one we slapped in the face, spat at and killed, was the one who was slapped, spat at and killed so that we could be welcomed back to God. (Mark 10:45).

Because the just punishment fell on Jesus, forgiveness now reigns for us.

This is what should shock us. It’s news worth shouting about.