Wimbledon: fan or fake?



Today, Wimbledon begins. And I like to think I’m a real tennis fan.

I love watching the players ace their opponent and the incredible ground strokes. But I have to admit: I only watch Wimbledon.

I do the same things every year: buy the all-important newspaper with the score tracker, spend hours glued to the TV, follow the match updates on my phone…

But does this annual tradition make me a real tennis fan?

A real fan

Some of my friends play, live, and breathe tennis. They know what seed their favourite player is. They keep up to date with all the tournaments, big and small.

And speaking to them, I realise I’m not a real tennis fan - just a Wimbledon one.

Maybe I like Wimbledon because of its Britishness – strawberries and cream, white clothes, unpredictable weather…Or maybe it’s because it’s always on the BBC.

Either way, this made me think about my relationship with God. Am I a true follower of Jesus or am I just trusting him sometimes?

A real follower

Jesus tell us that true followers give him everything:

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ Matthew 22:37

God wants our emotions, our desires, our mind…our whole being. He doesn’t want half-hearted commitment just on a Sunday, or when it’s Christian camp season.

He doesn’t want me to love him like I love tennis. He wants my passionate Wimbledon-kind-of-love every minute of every day.

All our actions, thoughts, and words should show how much we love him (Luke 9:23) because he really is loveable. He’s far more exciting, unifying and enjoyable than Wimbledon – yes, even Murray’s glorious 2013 win.

So let’s pray that we don’t grow half-hearted or lukewarm (Revelation 3:15-16), but fully committed to him.