Working through rejection with Jesus


Over forty failed job applications in July and August alone. The guy I was attracted to turned out not to feel the same way. A close family member made it clear that they no longer wanted a relationship.

In many ways the past year has been full of rejection for me.

We want to be wanted

Deep down, we all want to be wanted. We want to matter to someone and it can be painful when it feels like we don’t.  

A huge part of the Christian faith is that all people reflect God (Genesis 1:26). And because God is relational, we too seek relationship.

Jesus understands

In a world that is always telling me I first need to ‘love me’, it can be easy to become focused on myself and throw a pity party.

But in the times when I’m aware of God’s Spirit working in me, I remember that no matter how lonely, ashamed or rejected I feel, Jesus has felt all these things to the furthest degree for me (Matthew 27:36).

Jesus was rejected by his Father and the world (Isaiah 53:3). His love on the cross shows that he understands.

Jesus is enough

It was this rejection that bought us the fullest acceptance on offer – a relationship with God. This relationship is enough to fill the hole that rejection leaves.

It fills us up so that other things like relationships or jobs don’t get the final say in telling us we’re significant.

It’s a relationship in which we can never be rejected. We can express our need and pain to him in prayer and he will listen (Hebrews 4:15-16).

So, whether it’s a situation at work or in your personal life, you can endure rejection. And you can have the strength to carry on being faithful to him, and to others.