World Down’s Day: The ones God lifts up

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, a mums’ Facebook group known as ‘Designer Genes’ created a video called ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing.’ 

It features fifty mums and their four-year old children singing in a carpool karaoke.

Why did they do it?

In their words, ‘to show how ordinary and fun life is with the condition and how we wouldn’t change a thing.’


A feature film and a documentary by Sally Phillips have recently presented positive portrayals of life with Down’s. 

But strangely, when a prenatal test is positive for Down’s Syndrome, parents are rarely given these positive pictures.

They’re given a leaflet of what could await them.

Downs is presented as undesirable. It’s an abnormality. But what other weaknesses exist in our genes that stray from the normal?

What is normal anyway?

A Different Narrative

A purely biological view would have the strongest survive. But the Bible presents a beautifully subversive narrative.

One where the weak are made strong.

'God chose what was weak in the world to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:28).'

And we love this. We love it when the underdog triumphs.

When a Paralympian gets to Blackpool in Strictly, or a Conference team knock out a Premier League giant in the FA Cup.

A New Opportunity

These are echoes of God’s work - to build his church by championing the cause of the downtrodden and the weak.

By saving and raising up sinners at the cost of his life. By bringing low the proud.

So, as our medical technologies improve, the challenges increase for the church.

But there’s an opportunity here to tell a different, gospel story – one which invites the lowly to be lifted high.