Your Excitement Changes People

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‘Oooh!’ I leapt from the sofa. ‘Tom, look.’

I showed him my phone. He just laughed at me. I began messaging my friends, sure that they’d give me a better response – our favourite band was back in the country.

Within seconds, the phone was a vibrating whirl of GIF’s and exclamation marks.

And then I started thinking – am I ever that excited about God? The writers of the New Testament were.

‘Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgements and how inscrutable his ways!’ Romans 11:33

They thought God was something to jump off the sofa and text – write letters to – their friends about (1 John 3:1).

Excitement Encourages

If someone came to a church gathering with news of a promotion or pregnancy, it would spread quicker than wildfire across the cups of coffee. The building would be buzzing.

But imagine if it was our excitement about God that flew across the pews: ‘How amazing is the book of Hosea…?’ or ‘God has taught me the most incredible thing this week…’

Imagine that community – a community enjoying the truth of God together and building one another up with it.

Excitement is encouraging, infectious, and unifying. But it also does something else.

Excitement Exalts

Excitement says: this is important. This is worth telling the world about. Excitement about something ‘exalts’ it.

Being excited about God makes God look good, enjoyable, precious… It lifts him up to those around us as someone worthwhile. And this is something we were made to do (Isaiah 43:7).

We all want our churches to be excited about God – to encourage one another and point to his greatness.

So why not try being that first person who bursts through the doors on a Sunday morning, light in your eyes and Bible verse on your lips?

Excitement changes a place – it changes people.