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A Star Is Born: Trying to escape the shallow

Bradley Cooper’s film A Star Is Born depicts life at both ends of the pay scale.

Jack Maine, a world-famous country singer, is battling a drink and drug addiction. Ally, a restaurant worker, dreams her singing voice will take her places.

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Green Book: Finding friendship when you weren't looking for it

How do you deal with people who are different to you? Do you keep your distance? Judge from afar?

In the Oscar-winning movie Green Book, set in the 1960s, white bouncer Tony Lip struggles with the idea of working for the black pianist, Don Shirley.

But even so, they’re thrown together on a tour of Southern America – where racism is at its worst.

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When Going to Church Feels Hard

Sometimes, dragging yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning and going to church is the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, you’d rather roll over and hit ‘snooze’.

There can be lots of reasons.

Maybe it’s that one person you can’t face. Maybe you’ve been going six months and still don’t feel welcome – or you’re afraid you’ll be roped in to more serving.

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Free Solo: How to look in the mirror

Free Solo tells the story of Alex Honnold’s attempt to become the first person without ropes to climb El Capitan – a nine-hundred metre sheer rockface in California.

The film captures the spine-tingling scale of Honnold’s climb. Even in the cinema I felt queasy. But I also felt amazed by something I’d only previously known in my head: that the bodies God gave us are amazing.

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Disability, Doubt and the Design of God

My brother-in-law was born with a rare bone disease which makes it very easy to break his leg. And he has. Again and again and again.

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