Afraid, and amazed: an Easter Poem

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Brutal injustice that led to such agony,
Look up on his face, you’d almost stop recognising it.
Smug faces in the crowd, all laugh in sheer ecstasy,
As he promised they would be, his friends were now gone.


He stood trial for no crime he committed,
What a corrupt justice system this is!
A criminal or him, they chose the latter,
Mob justice rules, his back they bruised and battered.


A few hours later, he hung there in shame,
With two other rebels who were, in truth, to blame,
Curses they hurled, a shameful way to go,
The great purpose unseen, one they didn’t yet know.

With three hours gone, the day became night,
The crowds who were mocking him now fled in fright,
The stunned exclaimed, “This was the Son of God!”
The temple curtain tares - what a moment to behold.


He cries out loudly, drawing his last breath,
God in human flesh now passes into death.
Though not among them, I too was in that crowd,
I hate, mock, abuse him, in quiet or out loud,


I hammered nails that proved my injustice,
I crucified the one who shows what ‘just’ is.


On Sunday, some women went to the grave,
What they saw left them amazed, and afraid,


“It’s empty! The stone’s rolled away!”
An angel sat there says, “don’t be afraid!”
The Christ, who you love, who was crucified,
Is no longer dead, He’s risen – alive!