Am I under your control?
Is this in your hands?
Was everything that happened
What you planned?

When Leviathan* stirs
And churns up seabed silt
That drifts from the abyss
In a crippling cloud of dismalness
Why aren’t you stopping this?

Did you loose Leviathan yourself?
Or just allow it to devour your creation?

Is it under your control?
Or running free?
Did you send it to me?

Leviathan rises
Obscures the horizon at times
A giant displacing the ocean

A battle between my belief
And my terror of what lies beneath
Or not so far beneath
When it rears its head
I would rather die
I’d be happier dead
Than standing against it

Did you do this to me?
Reduce me to a poor man’s Job?

But why is not for now
Now you remind me what you’ve done
For me and every other one
Of your people through your son

And this is where we wrestle
If the battle’s won
If it really is finished
If it really is done
Why would you still let Leviathan run me down?

But why is not for now
Now you remind me of what you’ve done
And we wrestle

I know that this is under your control
I know this isn’t out of hand
So, does that mean it was planned?
This is where we wrestle

The truth is
In the crushing depths
In the darkest crevasse of the sea
Leviathan lies writhing
At the foot of a tree
Its death throes of agony
Leave deep, painful wounds
That bruise and split my skin

But never let the poison in

*Leviathan is a sea monster mentioned in the Old Testament to describe a powerful enemy of God's people.