Platued Ambitions

Billion thoughts! Come hear my billion thoughts!
As I put pen to paper, on my million faults.
Once upon a time, I was so full of vision,
Chased all my dreams, like a man on a mission,

So young and hungry, and empty of strife,
Fixed in pursuit, of fulfilment in life,
Life flashed by, I was soon reminiscing,
As slowly I drowned, in a plateaued ambition.

Increased anxiety, low self esteem,
Gradual depression, and groans in my dreams,
Most close friends moved on to better things,
But still there I was, just chasing the wind,

Lifted my eyes, to the skies with a cry,
In search of an answer, or meaning to life,
All that I tried, just seemed to feel lost,
Relationships past, that came at a cost,

Friends, listen up! This struggle is real,
Most go through it, but will never reveal,
That constant struggle, like weights that are doubled,
Lonely’s the road, of the lonesome struggle,

Cast all your burdens, on Jesus for comfort,
Who cares and is there, when your life feels muffled,
Made in his image, held tight in his grip,
His grace is sufficient, he won’t let you slip,

Forgiveness in Jesus, restores us within,
No matter the struggle, no matter the sin,
A lifeboat in life, as it knocks you about,
Restored from the plateau, outstretched like a dove.