Where do I belong?


An African in England
Boldly adapting to my new homeland
Fondly  longing for my old motherland
A minority in my new homeland
A visitor in my motherland

                He, who has purposed this
He, will hold me fast

An anxious mother
Trusting God for his sustenance
Yet fretting for my daily bread
Trusting him with my offspring
Yet fretting for their keeping

                He, who moulded me
He, will hold me fast

Where do I belong?
I don’t belong anywhere
I don’t really fit in
To heaven I belong
But in heaven I am not yet
So whilst still on His earth,
Where do I belong?

                He, who knows my confusion
He, will hold me fast

Why He?
His grace is sufficient
His love is steadfast
His forgiveness is unconditional
His embrace is enough
His hope is everlasting
He will hold me fast.



Joannie H Nakakawa